Cultivation aggregate K-420


The latest agricultural tool from DEXWAL is a machine that owes its name to its impressive working width of 420 cm.
Built on an 80×80 mm frame, it has up to 9 shredding string  rollers, divided into 3 front ones with a diameter of ɸ42 cm, 6 rear ones with a diameter of 3x ɸ27 cm and 3x ɸ21 cm. Additio-nally, it has 3 sweepers for crushing lumps.

K-420 uses 1 hydraulic cylinder and 4 rows of double reinforced tines, the number of which is 36 in a given model.


  • width: 4,2m
  • number of tines 36 pc.
  • speed 8-10 km/h
  • power demand 80-100 H.P.

The weight of the presented machine is 1270 kg, with an optimal power demand of 80 to 100 H.P., which allows you to work at a speed of 8 to 10 km/h.