The DEXWAL weeder is a device used to eliminate weeds located between cereals and vegetables. It will also work as an equipment for raking sod or mechanical liquidation of molehills.
It is available in several working widths, the dimensions of which depend on the size and number of working units. If necessary, it can be equipped with front sweepers and support wheels.
Thanks to the use of a weeder, the soil becomes looser and better nourished.


Available models

Standard (without hydraulic folding Working/total width (m) Number of working units Number of rows
 1.5 1 6
3 2 6
Hydraulically folded, with two cylinders  4.5 3 6
 6.0 4 6
 7.5 5 6
 9.0 6 6
 12.0 7 6

* Power demand and weight depend on the applied type of a roller


  • raking out sod
  • treating molehills
  • eliminating weed in cereals and plants

Optional equipment:

  • Front sweepers
  • Support wheels